Prince Capital

Residential Finance
Prince Capital Solutions is a mortgage broker, who is accredited with a vast variety of different lenders, ranging from domestic banks, second‐ tiered banks, international banks and non‐bank financial institutions. We will be able to provide a tailored financial solution to suit you, our client.
We are able to provide additional services such as:

  • Performing a cost-analysis to determine the total cost for you to purchase your first home, second home or investment property, taking into account stamp duty, government grants, bank costs, lender’s mortgage insurance etc.
  • Comparison and analysis on the different bank products to find the best option/product for you.
  • Managing the application-valuation-documentation-settlement process to provide a one-stop shop for our customers, ensuring that the the entire loan process is smooth-sailing and hassle free.
  • Providing an annual review of your loan facility, ensuring the product is the best product for you.
  • Working with your financial planner or accountant to tailor a finance structure so that you can maximise your tax benefit.

Business & Commercial Finance
Prince Capital Solutions has the knowledge and experience in assisting our clients in facilitating business & commercial finance transactions. We have assisted our clients from acquisition of commercial property, small and medium enterprises to providing tailored cash flow solutions.

  • Provide analysis on the commercial property including yield analysis, costing, market comparison and matching the relevant business and commercial loans which is suitable to the investment strategy
  • Negotiation with different banks and lenders for the most efficient interest rates, loan terms, conditions, covenants, fees and charges
  • Manage the application-valuation-documentation-settlement process. You will be supported by a team of experience brokers that will enable you to achieve the desired result
  • Commercial loans require annual review by the bank for the facility to be renewed. We will provide advice on the annual loan renewal process to ensure that there are no adversary effect on your interest rate, loan term and conditions.
  • Cash flow analysis and income analysis on the business that you are purchasing.
  • We have a panel of non-conforming lenders who are able to lend money based on self income declaration or lease doc products.

Development Funding & Property Finance
PCS pride ourselves with the ability to provide advisory in sourcing capital through senior debt, mezzanine funding, equity investors, and private funding. Our knowledge and experience in the market will allow you to achieve your objectives and goals with a peace of mind. We will work with the relevant stakeholders such as your development managers, builders, quantity surveyors, valuers, real estate sales agents and lawyers. We will assist in feasibility analysis, market analysis, costing estimate, strategy advisory.

You are also able to work with our internal development team to find a more desired outcome.