Prince Premier Advisory

Premiere Advisory is the financial planning arm of the Prince Group. It is headed by Executive Financial Planner, Kane Duong. Premiere Advisory is able to provide financial planning in both risk protection and also wealth management. The services provided includes
Wealth Protection (Insurance)

We will carefully assess your personal situation and provide comprehensive and personal financial advice to ensure you and your family are financially protected, should an unfortunate medical event occur. We provide advice through a number of leading insurers on life cover, income protection, trauma and total and permanent disability cover. Our comprehensive review will also ensure that you are adequately and appropriately covered in the most cost and tax-effective manner possible.

Wealth Management (Investment & Superannuation)
We will work with our clients to identify and understand your financial goals and objectives. We assess your risk profile and then provide a tailored advice to help you work towards and remain on track to achieve your financial goals. Our advice will look at superannuation and investment portfolios as wealth creation platforms and after assessing your personal needs and objectives, we will advise you on the most appropriate structure to best meet your objectives.

Review of Financial Portfolio
Ongoing financial planning reviews are an important part of ensuring that your financial plan remains relevant over time. As market changes and personal circumstances changes, reviews are an important part of our financial planning process to ensure that you are on track to meet your objectives. Circumstances that will alter a financial strategy could include your income and expenditure, your family situation and health, the economic environment investment and superannuation portfolio performance, your taxation position, any opportunities to reduce your tax payable and new investment opportunities